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Live Enlightened.

Bonni McCliss

Akashic Psychic & Hypnotherapist
About Us

About Bonni

Bonni McCliss is a gifted psychic, channel, healer, medium, certified hypnotherapist and internationally recognized author. She is a scholar of the Akashic Records and uses the knowledge to help others overcome their perceived limitations and guide them beyond the boundaries of their own thinking.

Bonni was aware of her gifts as a child but only recognized them as gifts later in life.  Having only her inner guidance to lead the way, she began immersing herself in understanding the teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Through her studies she not only began to understand her own gifts but she also gained the knowledge to show others how to apply these ancient teachings to their busy, modern lives. It is her hope that through these teachings, she will enable others to transcend to living their highest timeline.

During the past twenty years, Bonni has touched the lives of thousands. She regularly leads workshops and retreats across the US, including Sedona, Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. She also helped create The Legend of Greater Things Dome, a sacred retreat center located on a crystal grid and beautiful forest outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. This center brings healing to others through yoga, meditation, sound, and intuitive development workshops. 

When Bonni isn’t traveling, she finds joy in being a mother, wife, and community activist. You will often find her meditating and communing in a forest deep in the foothills of Tennessee.

Other Work

Unworldly Everything Podcast

The Unworldly Everything Podcast aims to to open the door to a guide of higher worlds and unanswered questions. On this show we will seek the fringes of our mental limits and deep dive into all things superhuman, supernatural and paranormal. Co-hosted by Bonni McCliss and Julia Gerber. 

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Art & Commissions

Channeling energy and ancient teachings of indigenous wisdom for the healing and awakening of individual and collective consciousness.

Please contact Bonni Directly for commission or purchase requests.

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A picture of Bonni McCliss walking around a dome giving a talk to a crowd during a workshop.

Legend of Greater Things

Deeply rooted in the ancient sciences, The Legend of Greater Things retreats provide tools to help you communicate your best life. We use yoga, meditation, spiritual + life coaching, psychic guidance from the akashic records, sound baths and more to help you transform and connect deeper to your truth.

Bonni McCliss sitting on steps of a man-made waterfall with her hand touching the water.

Gaia TV

Bonni McCliss interviews with Gaia TV and shares her experience and wisdom of intuitive living on two of their most popular shows: Beyond Belief with George Noory and Open Minds with Regina Meredith.

Bonni will also be a speaker at Gaia's Emersion 2024 event on March 16th and 17th.

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