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TV & Media Inquiries

I have had the privilege to be a part of many different projects and retreats and the time to share about my experiences through my book, The Other Side of Normal as well as on our podcast, Unworldly Everything. For TV and Media Inquiries please contact me at or learn more about my Media Kit Information below.

Speaking Engagement/Workshop Inquiries

Bonni is available for speaking engagements in small intimate groups or as large as an amphitheater. Some of her most requested talks/workshops are:

  • Yesterday’s Tomorrow: The power of your thinking

  • Beyond the Mind: Living an intuitive driven life

  • Under the Metamorphosis Tree: Releasing anxiety and fear

  • Everyday Alchemy: Dissecting the law of attraction and manifesting your dreams into your reality

  • Masters in Disguise: How to meet and communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels

  • Past Lives-Yesterdays Tomorrow: Healing past lives that bind you

However, she is willing to create presentations cultivated to any events’ unique needs. Those that would get the most from hiring Bonni are:

  • Corporate Leaders

  • Entrepreneurial/Business Conferences

  • Women’s Events

  • Spiritual Retreats

  • Yoga Retreats

  • Business Retreats

  • Women’s Business Conferences

  • Religious Conferences

In addition, Bonni travels internationally as well as across the US. If you’d to to book Bonni for your event please email her here

Bonni's Media Kit Information

Learning to fly means forgetting how to fall.  This is the personal life mantra of internationally successful psychic, Bonni McCliss. At the tender age of four Bonni began her relationship with spiritual beings. By the time she was young adult she was diagnosed psychic. Imagine being at rock bottom, in an endless place of dark with no comfort, then one day someone comes and throws the curtains open letting in the forgotten beauty of light. That was when Bonni turned her head up and spread her wings.

Bonni now uses her unique gift to help individuals better understand their lives, by sharing the detailed information from divine messengers. We all have guides and Bonni instructs others to reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams through the life-changing messages she receives.

Praise and loyalty flow from the diverse international clientele Bonni serves that includes many celebrities and historically significant properties. She is widely known as a down-to-earth, inspirational messenger with extraordinary abilities and proven accuracy.

A mother, wife, leader, community activist, nature lover and entrepreneur, and Certified Hypnotherapist, Bonni and her family live with their many animal companions in a quaint community in Tennessee.

Let’s Work Together

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