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  • Bonni McCliss

The Shift of 2017: Living From the Inside Out

I remember as a little girl going to my therapist and talking about the Earth predictions of Nostradamus. I found his books at the local library and finally felt at home with a soul that experienced and understood things as I did. I would go through long bouts of time where I would dream in technicolor at night about the world and it’s upcoming incredible incarnations- both disastrous and beautiful.I seemed to be especially tuned into the predictions of plane crashes and earthquakes in the early 90’s. I often recorded these premonitions in my childhood diary.

As an adult I don’t claim to be a modern day prophet or compare my gift to that of Nostradamus, but for some reason I like many others am shown messages about this planet and it’s road map into the future. Most of us are well aware of these Earth changes taking place . We don’t need to see it to believe it -we can feel it in our body. Our emotions are intensifying with each passing day, and if that wasn’t enough we have our brain interpreting this intensity as if it were a fire alarm sounding a warning sign that we had better get moving! The most maddening part about this Earth shift is that we know we need to move and move fast, but we are still unclear on how to move forward or even where to go to take the next step.

The shift that is apexing this month is a call for your body, mind and spirit to move and grow while not leaving your seat or lifting a finger to change things externally. This is an internal reboot that is highly dependent on your stillness and discipline to stay in the present moment. Without a stillness intervention our personal and collective consciousness will be at risk of losing our light. We will become casualties of chaos and spiritual warfare as it throws us deeper into the noise and pain of our own suffering.

The old rules no longer apply as we go through this profound shift. Working harder and running faster will result in slower encounters with the very things we are chasing . Our internal world is now more than ever reflecting our outer reality. This 2017 shift is about calibrating for a higher vibration. The pain associated with this growth is due to the white rabbit syndrome. As we feel this intensity grow we can become more reactive and prematurely proactive instead of sitting and exploring this expansion. Think of it like trying to launch a rocket that is unwilling to sit on its launching pad.

The remaining patterns of old may tempt us back into the way that things used to be as we experience these groundbreaking changes . You may find yourself reaching out to past relationships, customs, coping mechanisms, pain cycles, and retired truths of an out dated identity. We feel trapped between the rock of the past and the hard place of the future as this shift delivers us squarely into the present moment of our reality. Navigating this vibrational upgrade will require a compassionate assessment of the polarity that we embody as human beings. Our strengths and our weaknesses are of equal importance as we seek to know our authentic self.

Active stillness is a process of being present and in the moment without judgment or stories. Imagine how you would experience a lighter life if you didn’t need to constantly assess moments and experiences in your life as “Good” or “Bad”. This act of neutrality and self compassion resets your energy, and allows the walls of judgement to come down as it calls back the pieces of your soul that have been living the shadows of exile. This “IS” the vibrational 5d shift that is occurring presently on our planet. Through non- division we encounter the homecoming and freedom we were always seeking. Our evolutional upgrade hangs in the balance as we learn this discipline of holding and remaining still as our whole being expands into uncharted realms.

You have the courage to make these evolutionary leaps. You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t hold and stay present through this incredible genesis. Your Guides applaud you -as you are a master of souls and a spiritual warrior living on behalf of all those who have come before you and those who will follow in your footsteps.

Hold your ground and begin the journey of living from the inside out.


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