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  • Bonni McCliss

Reality Jumping – Part 1: The Art of Tuning Into Other Dimensions

When my daughter was a little girl she would often see people that had crossed over and referred to these spirits as the “Unseeables”. She understood early on that humans and other beings could live in multiple dimensions, and it was just a normal part of life. These other dimensions carry a residential twist – the occupants are alive well but unnoticed by “most” of us living in the 3D. What is it like to live in two or more dimensions at once? Are we designed to expand and experience life in multiple dimensions? Why can some of us see residents of the other side and others can’t?

The urge to tap into other realms and realities may have never crossed your mind or it may be an experience you are seeking out. There may even be some of you that continue to do this reality jumping without being aware that your doing it. This concept of shifting dimensions and traveling beyond what the conscious human mind has ever known has continued to draw up great emotional range-everything from deep fear to unbridled excitement. I believe that we all have the ability to touch other realms and see behind the curtain if we just retrain our mind.

Although we have always lived among other dimensions humans have historically feared what they could not understand. Most have dictated their limits and beliefs with the hopes to maintain a normal simple happy life. This limited thinking has lead people right into individual loss of freedom and their ability to see beyond. They have been branded by a collective fear and conditioned thinking that has stunted the birthright of an intuitive evolution.

Here are a few tips to begin breaking down the walls that are keeping you from living and experiencing a multidimensional world.

1: Breaking our conditioning and old programming is the first step to traveling between worlds. This is not an activity or action that you can “ think” or plan your way through. The ability to communicate with other dimensions has a spontaneous element that can not be controlled. We as humans love to control our lives and outcomes. This is a limited belief that is imbedded in our subconscious that blocks our communication with the other side. This relinquishing of control may bring up some fear and unpleasant past experiences- if this occurs do your best to breath and stay focused on the higher realms of light and love. Remember you are rerouting your ability to preview outside of your limited conditioning-this is much like renovating and old house. You must break down the old to rebuild the new. Continue to breath deeply and repeat your intentions of releasing fear and wanting to see and know beyond. Be willing to surrender any expectations.

2: You must open your ethereal body to perceive expression of life outside of your fixed reality. To open the ethereal body imagine that your third eye is opened and turned around viewing the inside of your body. Begin to see or feel each one of your chakras opening up like the buds of a flower. We begin by cultivating our inner reality to tap into the outer realms. To move deeper into your inner reality try and use your imagination to perceive your current state inside of your mind and body. It is much like viewing a new world that lives inside of your body.Do you perceive a garden or a war zone? Just begin to observe and become acquainted with what is without changing it. You are just practicing observation at this point in your development. The most common mistake to shifting dimensions is to seek further outside of yourself in a already limited dimension. You must go inside to travel outside. Stay present and objective. After your deep acquaintance with your world you can begin to see it evolve into an inner sanctuary representing your highest internal light.

3: You must work to hold onto the present moment. Staying present and focused is like a built in wormhole that can carry you into all other dimensions. Because time is a limited concept, focusing on the past or future will block you from leaving your present reality. It’s much like rereading the same novel over and over again. If we can’t stay in the present moment we slip back in to the cycle of our old story. Staying in the present moment can be tough. If everyone was good at it we would all be traveling through time and space instead of booking our next vacation and using our southwest points. Be patient with your self. Practice breathing and staying in the moment a few minutes everyday to retrain the focus of your mind . ( You can find more tips on how to stay present and develop your inner worlds in my book “ The Otherside of Normal” available on amazon).


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