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  • Bonni McCliss

Part Two: The Message

It isn’t uncommon for me to receive unabridged versions of information from Guides through dreams, but this was different. I was experiencing an out of body amplified awareness of being in two worlds at once. I assume this state was necessary due to the high frequency of the message and the messenger.

Ishani began her transmission of information with the importance of the date of her visit. “3-4-2020” was a numerical harmonic alignment that allowed her to communicate in accordance with this time line. ( I have difficulty understanding this part of the information, but I am sure there is much importance to it….as it seems to be far above my spiritual pay grade) She then proceeded to speak about the recent arrival of specific energy systems that have been planned for this time and would be disruptive within our environment on Earth. She called this gamma energy.

Ishani spoke about this energy as though it is a first time occurrence for us, and purposeful for the state of evolution and humanity at large. She communicated that most people would experience a state of individual and collective “terror.” This shocked me. The word “terror” is so harsh…..I wondered why she used that word instead of “fear”….As it stood the world seemed to be going about its business fine enough… I understood we needed huge changes, and to work out our fears….but terror?

Less than one week later was the onslaught of news about the deadly coronavirus……I had no idea at the time that her message was pertaining to a far reaching world pandemic.

She went on to show me “clips” of my own recent life history of terror regarding a late night tornado that shook up our family home and destroyed the lives of many others. Ishani explained that these moments had great significance to our souls. We have been carrying pain, fear, and terror in our ancient memory archives for eons, and we can no longer harbor these “lower vibrational stories” in our cells if we are to continue to a higher vibrational stature. At this stage of evolution, we are experiencing all of our life streams collapsing together into one point of focus within all that we have ever been or ever will be. This is the reason behind our far reaching emotional roller coaster of experiences.

Ishani spoke to me about my short comings. She said things will be much different for Healers and Channels. Humans with these positions will need to reach far beyond the growth of a single step. Their journey would require them to take a giant leap. She explained that Healers and Channels must reach “Eleventh Density” fields to bring back light information and resources that can actually make a difference.

She told me that I have been teaching from my reservoir of knowledge, but that it will come to an end. To continue my channeling work I would need a lifestyle shift to reach such high ground. I was to “impress upon no one” she said. I was to work on my inner world dismantling the limited self (ego) and cautioned me against projecting my pain or personal work on anyone else.

Ishani instructed me to focus solely on a life of thoughts and words that positively added to the collective All. She concluded her focus on me with information regarding my behavior around judgement. (Although I have considered myself predominately a non-judgmental person, she showed me widening gaps in my life where i must grow deeper.) Ishani expressed that non-judgement lifestyles would be the key for all of us in the future.

I have to say that the energy behind this messenger and her transmissions came from a place of powerful loving intent. She left me with an expanded heart and an unshakable belief in the unfolding truth about the course of human evolution. I don’t know if she will ever return, but I am now left with more answers than questions and that is a gift I will never forget. I dedicate my life to the world and it’s unfolding potential to be the Heaven we always dreamed it could be. If I had to summarize my thoughts on the purpose of this encounter, it would be that there is great interest from our cosmic brothers and sisters to never turn our backs on each other, and to hold the torch of compassion as we trek forward to a new Earth and higher humanity. We were born to be the “dismantlers” of an outgrown reality system. We are the dreamers who are capable of believing and building what we can’t yet fully see. We are truly the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

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