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  • Bonni McCliss

Part One: The Encounter

On the early evening of March 4th I had an especially strong inclination to meditate deeply and prepare to receive information. I normally meditate in the mornings so this was definitely a shift from my routine. I heeded the nudge and set up for an evening of meditation. Quickly, I fell into a deep state of calm that lasted for an unusually long time. I went to bed after the meditation and what proceeded to unfold shortly after was life changing and still continues to blow my mind!

I was awakened by a strange sound. The best way I could describe it would be a noise somewhere between a crash, a guttural cry, and Native american chanting. I shot up in my bed in a panic. I couldn’t understand what in the world could have made such a crazy noise. My best theory was that I somehow made this primal sound in my sleep and woke myself up. I looked to see if my husband was rattled as well, but we was still fast asleep.

Sitting now in silence, I began to experience the next stage of this phenomenon. Inside of my bedroom magenta sparks began to fly through the air like an airborne fourth of July sparkler. This visual experience paralyzed me. I often have visions within my clairvoyant mind, but this light show was clearly happening outside of me and bouncing around the black space of my room.

Time began to distort, I am not sure how long I was entranced by my magenta visitor, but it eventually dissipated and left me sitting in the dark once again. I decided to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I turned on the sink and washed my hands (not sure why in the world i felt the need to do this.) I tried to shake my daze, but something still felt present. I glanced out of my bathroom window (a two story high view overlooking a backyard field edged in trees.) At first I thought I was just looking at the moonlight illuminating the trees. As my eyes came into focus I saw what looked to be a plasma triangle hovering approximately 100 yards above the tree line. This triangle looked like an unsolid multidimensional glassy mirage of pale pink, blue and green light. In the center of the triangle was a symbol of an upside down Y.

My heart was pounding with panic and enthusiasm. I couldn’t tell you how long I spent studying this outdoor hologram. At some point I felt an extreme pull to return to my room. When I did, I was met with the crescendo of this experience. My mind took a few seconds to believe what I was seeing. I was being blinded by a tsunami of bright white light with a faint outline of a tall human. As the light began to mute I could see the 9 foot visitor standing a few feet away from me. The being looked female and human-ish with exaggerated features and illuminated skin. Her eyes were large and electric blue with cloud like masses that rapidly crossed through them like a violent storm on the ocean. Her hair was shoulder length, thin, white and wispy. It is hard for me to explain, but this being radiated powerful sensations that I experienced in my body as pure angelic motherly like love, with intense power and precision focus. When she spoke it was sent telepathically, and I immediately understood that she was sharing her “title”…not her name. She repeated her title several times………….”Ishani”…”Ishani”..”Ishani.”

Ishani continued to send information to my thoughts; most of which was lost as I could not seem to catch my mind up with the speed of hers. I started to feel nauseous and a sense of vertigo. Fear was starting to overthrow my awe. I grasped the furniture in my room to stay upright and made my way back to my bed. I wanted so badly to wake my husband up, but I felt paralyzed and couldn’t get out a single sound. My dogs were still asleep in my bed, although I could here the neighbor dogs barking incessantly. All I could do at this point was close my eyes and attempt to make this living dream go away. While my eyes were closed I felt myself fade in and out consciousness. At some point in this seemingly endless evening journey, my husband jumped up and ran outside. I watched him as he stood in the yard in a complete daze. After what felt like an eternity, my husband returned to our bed and went directly back to sleep; almost as if he was on some sort of auto pilot mode.

My night time visitor was still present but had become more of a faint light and a background hum. At this point I fell between worlds in a hyper-consciousness state and the high council of Ishani began to integrate and flood my mind. This is the message that was related to me and for the world.


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